League Rules 2019/2020 Season

  Droitwich Spa Pool League Rules

2019-2020 Season


1. The league shall be known as “The Droitwich Pool League” with the headquarters at The Doverdale Arms. 

2. The league shall adopt the world pool playing rules in full. Any mid season changes to these rules shall be implemented at the end of the season.

3. The league shall be run by a committee, comprising of Chairman, Vice-Chairman/Secretary, Treasurer/Fixtures & Web Site Secretary and 4 other Members.

4. If a committee member resigns during the season the next monthly meeting following the resignation will incorporate an EGM to elect a replacement committee member.

5. Monthly meetings will be held on the first Sunday of each month at the league headquarters. Teams failing to attend will be deducted 5 points for each offence. (see rule 3.10) If a meeting falls on a bank holiday week-end then the meeting will be held on the following Sunday.

6. During the playing season the committee shall have the power to propose amendments to the League rules for voting on by the delegates at the next monthly meeting with one vote being given to each team. In the event of an equal vote the chairman will have an additional casting vote.

7. All teams (included new applications) must register at the June meeting for the following season. New venues will be required to pay a £50 goodwill bond refundable at the end of the first completed season.

8. At Committee meetings each committee member shall be allowed one vote on any issue with the chairman having the casting vote.

9.  Any rule changes must be in the committee’s hands by the June meeting, so that any proposals will be available 14 days prior to the AGM. There will be no further proposals accepted at the AGM, but any amendments to the existing proposals will be allowed at the AGM.

10. The league shall hold an A.G.M. at the Headquarters on the 1st Sunday in July each year. At the AGM each team shall be allowed one vote on any issue with the chairman having the casting vote. Any team registered in the June meeting failing to attend the AGM will incur a £10 fine. Any team failing to register at the June meeting and absent at the AGM will be excluded from participating in the league.

11. The league shall hold a finals week with a presentation night at the end of that week for awards for winners and runners-up. All finals will implement World Eight Ball Pool Playing Rules in full including section I (Time Allowed). The venues for all these finals will be decided by the elected committee and announced before the semi-finals take place. With the exception of cues, the equipment supplied by each venue must be used unless both teams agree otherwise.

12.Teams and individuals will be given 1 months’ grace to settle their debts. Any team not discharging overdue debts by the end of each monthly meeting will incur a 5-point deduction (see rule 3.10)  and individuals will be suspended from playing until their debt has been paid. Teams and individuals not discharging all of its debts by the last meeting prior to finals week shall be deducted the debt from their prize money for that season. Teams  or individuals from those teams with debt at the end of a season will not be eligible to participate in the new season until that debt has been paid.


1. Any protests should be handed to any committee member in writing within 7 days of the match or incident, together with a £5 deposit (Refundable if protest upheld)

2. A full committee shall sit and decide upon any protest matters. The committee’s decision shall be final regarding any protest.

3. The committee shall have the power to deal with any matters not dealt with in these rules, or any matters arising from them


1. The league shall have one division with all teams playing each other on home and away legs. Results of all matches will count towards the league table and players’ most wins/averages.

2. The league shall be run on a league basis, with 3 points for a win and 1 point for each leg won. Each match will comprise of  nine games comprising of 6 singles and 3 normal doubles.

In the event of both teams failing to reach 5 wins due to insufficient players to complete the match then only the leg points will be awarded. If, however one team reaches 5 winning legs then they will also be awarded 3 points for a match win.

3. The champions shall be the team with the most points at the end of the season and the runners up shall be the team with the second best points tally. In the event of a tie for points, number of matches won will decide and if still level a playoff will decide the outcome.

4. All players must be registered with the League on the bona-fide sheet presented at the August meeting. Additional registrations, up to a maximum of 3 players per team,per week, can be made on the rear of the match report form. Additional registrations must be countersigned and dated by the opposition team captain if the player plays on the match night to authenticate the signing which must be completed before the player plays. Any non-compliance with the above procedure, by either team, will incur a deduction of 2 points for that offending team. There is no limit to additional signings in a season but no new signings will be allowed after the final league match of the season. Penalty for playing an unregistered or suspended player will be a deduction of 2 points per offence (see rule 3.10)  plus reversal of any games won by that player.

5. All matches must be recorded on a bona-fide match sheet, signed by both team captains as a true record of the match. This sheet must be placed in the file held at the home venue immediately after the match. A missing match sheet will incur a deduction of 2 points (see rule 3.10)  for the home team. Missing or incorrect information on that match sheet will incur a deduction of 2 points per team (see rule 3.10). Deliberate falsification of this document will result in a deduction of 10 points per offence (see rule 3.10) with any legs and points expunged from the record.

6. All home teams must TEXT in the correct result of their match at the completion of the final game to the number at the bottom of the match sheet.  Failure to comply will result in a deduction of 2 points (see rule 3.10).

7. Normally no player may play for more than 1 team in the league in any given season, unless in exceptional circumstances, a player has a reason to move to a new team. Any player requesting a transfer must complete a bone fide transfer form in full with all sections completed correctly. The committee member who signs the transfer request form must then inform the fixtures secretary of the transfer. Only then will the transfer be sanctioned. No transfers after the final league match of the season. If a player registers for a team but does not play he may apply to the fixtures secretary to change to another team.

8. If a venue closes then all teams from that venue will need to find another venue to complete their fixtures for that season. If any team drops out of the league during the season any points won against that team will become null & void for all other teams in the league. Every registered player from that team will not be eligible to play for another team for a period of 12 weeks and each player will also incur a £5.00 fine. Once paid, they will then be free to sign for another team in the current season once 12 weeks have expired.

9. The player with the most wins at the end of the season will win the “Best Singles Average” trophy. The player with the most doubles wins at the end of the season will win the “Best Doubles Average” trophy. Players will not be awarded a win towards their averages if that player is awarded a win due to the opposition having “no player available”. In the event of a tie the player with the highest average will win. If still equal the title will be decided by a single frame(s) played on presentation night.

10. Any points penalties incurred after the final league match of the season has been played shall become a money (£) penalty to the same value as the point penalty.


1. The league and cup fees shall be £50 per team, payable on or before the August meeting, 

2. All player registration fees, including additional players, are £2 per player.

3. Singles & doubles K/O fees are £2 per player.

4. Any amendments to these amounts may only be made at the A.G.M.

5.  After seasonal running costs have been deducted, the committee shall decide prize money for all competitions.  


1. All league and cup matches, with the exception of finals will normally be played on Wednesdays as per the fixture list. The table is to be made available to the visiting team from 7.45pm with the match starting at 8pm prompt.

2. The games must be continuous with no waiting for players, in the order as laid out on the match sheet with the next frame starting no later than five minutes after the end of the previous one. At the end of the five minutes a team not having a player (players in doubles) available to play shall loose that frame. This will then be repeated for any subsequent frames.  At any convenient point during the match a 10-minute food break can be taken.

3.  Only in exceptional circumstances and with the express permission of the Chairman will a match allowed to be postponed. (A shortage of players is not a valid reason for postponement). The Chairman shall be obliged to grant a postponement providing both captains are in agreement, and an alternative date set within 28 days of the original fixture for the match to be played. A postponement on match day will be treated as in rule 5.4 below.

4. Any team failing to arrive by 8.15pm for a league match, without prior arrangement, will be deemed as having postponed the match. The offending team will need to re-arrange the fixture to be played within 28 days. They will be subject to a fine of £20, and also have 10 points deducted from their league total.

5. There shall be no penalties or fines for legs conceded in league and cup matches providing the match is started, but deliberately falsifying a team sheet will be punished. (As listed in rule 3.5) 

6. The home team on the fixture list will provide a referee conversant with the rules and calling procedures even if, for whatever reason, the venue has been changed. The away team shall provide an assistant referee/Timekeeper who can converse with the home referee if the appointed assistant deems it necessary. However, the home referee’s decision is final.

7. The home team must fold the match sheet in half and then register a player(s) on the match sheet. The match sheet is then turned over, passed to the away team for them to register their player(s) before the commencement of each leg. If any team is short of players then they can enter “no player available” in any position on the match sheet. If they are 2 players short then “no player available” can be made in any relevant positions on the match sheet.

8. The home team referee shall toss a coin for the away player to call for choice of break for the 1st leg. The break (not choice of break) will then alternate between both teams for subsequent legs. (See World Rules F.2)

9. All venues are to ensure that their table(s) are maintained at an acceptable standard and that additional equipment required to complete the game is present i.e. short cues where there is restricted room and appropriate rests/spiders etc. The venue must also have a notice board to display weekly pool information. The committee will deal with any issues, possibly that those venues would be unsuitable to host any cup finals at the end of the season.

10. Any change of venue for whatever the reason must be authorised by the league chairman or in his absence the Fixtures Secretary.


1. The same playing (Rule 1.2) and match day rules shall apply to all competitions as per our league rules. All doubles played are to be normal doubles in all competitions.

2. Draws will be made for all rounds of the team knock outs (including semi-finals) at the league meetings.

3. In team K.O.’s the first teams out of the hat shall be the home teams, (unless their venue is unavailable)

4. The Winter (and shadow) Cup K.O.’s is to be the first team to reach six winning frames and will comprise of up to eleven games of singles with no games of doubles.  Players playing in the first six legs shall be allowed to play a second leg in frames 7-11

In the event of both teams failing to reach 6 wins due to insufficient players then the team with most wins will be awarded the match. If a shortage of players results in a draw a black ball shoot-out will decide the tie. This shall be contested by the best of 3 using different players. If teams are still equal, there will then be a sudden death shoot out using the same or additional players until the tie is decided.

5. The Spring (and shadow) Cup K/O’s is to be the first team to reach five wining frames and will comprise of six games of singles and three games of doubles in the order as laid out on the match sheet. Any player may play singles and doubles in any match, but may only play one of each. 

In the event of both teams failing to reach 5 wins due to insufficient players then the team with most wins will be awarded the match. If a shortage of players results in a draw a black ball shoot-out will decide the tie. (As in rule 6.4 above)

6.  Any team failing to arrive by 8.15pm for any cup match, without prior arrangement, will forfeit the match. The offending team will also be subject to a fine of £20.

7. All players participating in K.O.’s must be registered with the league.

8. Players entering singles and doubles competitions must ensure they are available for all dates of that competition as per the fixture list. (See rule 6-16 for non-compliance)

9. Singles and doubles K.O.’s are to be one frame matches in round one, best of three frames in quarter & semi-finals with the final being best of five frames.

10. Singles & Doubles games must be played on the dates stated with no exceptions.

11. The draw for the first round of the singles & doubles competition will be made at a monthly meeting to decide the venues for individual players. Anyone not present on match night by 8.05pm will be excluded from the match night competition draw and subject to the appropriate penalty. (See rule 6-16)

12. In singles or doubles K.O.’s the first name out of the hat shall be deemed the home player. The away player(s) will call for choice of break. In 3 & 5 frame matches the break will alternate until completion of the match. In 3 & 5 frame matches all games must be continuous and only in exceptional circumstances the referee may grant a toilet break if requested.

13. Doubles partners can pair up with any registered player from any team.

14. Any changes to the singles K/O competition should be made prior to the venue draw. No additions will be allowed following the draw for the venues, however if players become unavailable for whatever reason they will be allowed to change with another new player prior to 1st round games being played. If no substitute player can be found then the £5 non-attendance fine will be levied.

15. In the doubles K/O competition a league registered replacement to one of the players will be allowed prior to playing in the first round games. There will be no further changes allowed in other rounds of the doubles competition.

16. Individuals and pairs not making themselves available to play on bone-fide doubles and singles competition dates at the appropriate leg time(s) will be fined as per the table below unless in extreme circumstances an acceptable excuse is presented to the Chairman of the committee at an appropriate time.

1st round non-attendance £5 per individual.

Quarter/Semi-final non-attendance £10 per individual.

Final non-attendance £25 individual (plus forfeit of any prize money) (see rule 1-12)