Weekly Blog

It is with much regret that the committee has had to take the following action in regards to the Corvid-19 situation. We know that it will not please everyone but we feel it is the right decision to take to ensure that we can all return to play pool safely next season.

  1. The league should cease from when the last matches were played (11 March).
  2. The team at the top of the league at that time should be made champions for the season.
  3. The team in second place should be made runners up for the season. This will allow those teams entrance into the champions of champions competition if it takes place later this year.
  4. The top two in the singles averages will be rewarded as winners & runner up for this season.
  5. The top two in the doubles averages will be rewarded as winners & runner up for this season.
  6. All cup and individual competitions will become null & void for this season.
  7. There will be no presentation night this year and no prize money will be allocated to any teams.
  8. All monthly meetings are cancelled until further notice. We will have a meeting before the new season can be scheduled to start. With no AGM this year we should continue next season under the same format as this season. We may need to shorten next season but this will be decided when we can confirm a start date when it is safe to do so.
  9. All money paid in this season will be carried over to next season. There will be no team registration fees, player registration fees and competition registration fees for those teams and players who paid to register this season. There will however be the relevant fee payable for new teams and new players. Any teams or players with outstanding debt as of 11th March will have that debt carried over to next season.
  10. All players will have their team registration carried over to the same team next season but all players will be granted a free transfer to any other team during the first month of the new season starting.